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100 Proof Southern Rock



SMB  Wishes Doreen "Q" Novotny the Best as she moves on to the next chapter of her life in TN!

We're incredibly excited and incredibly depressed to be sharing this with you all.
Excited for Doreen and sad for us.

Doreen (Q) and Justin have been thinking for a while now about moving to TN.

Well…’s time.

Their house in Corona just sold.

After 19 years of putting up with a bunch of “smelly boys”, Q’s time with the SMB has come to end.

Wow….it hurts just to type that.

Here's what Doreen had to say about it -

I don't even know what to say to express how I feel about the band but I do know that the time that I have spent with them has created lasting memories that I will carry with me forever! Justin and I have been places we never would have gone if it weren't for the Sam Morrison Band. So many great times, funny times and things that make you go "wow!". Boy, could we tell you some stories! 😲
Aside from that, these boys are my brothers for life! Justin and I are extremely close with them and will miss them terribly!
They have been there for me through some of my hardest times and we've been through so much together... life, death, marriages, divorces, babies... the list goes on. Sam MorrisonBart RobleySteven CenkerKarl SangerDave Kurtz, Greg Kasparian, Walt Thompson - you mean the world to me! To the women of the SMB - Cyndi Ehlers MorrisonDana Reddy Kasparian, Dawn Thompson, Leah Robley, Teresa Sanger and my former singing partners, Mandy Burke and Joni Finkle - thank you for putting up with me...


I love you all more than words can say!


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